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    What is ArtsHound? is the leading online resource for Arts and Cultural information for the Houston region. It offers the largest database of Houston Arts and Cultural events, as well as additional listings of classes and workshops, jobs, auditions, organizations, venues, public art, and individual artists.

    We update daily to give Houstonians and tourists the latest information about performances, programs, exhibits and activities.

    The Web site first launched to the public in December 2005.

    Who is ArtsHound? is a project of the Houston Arts Alliance. The Houston Arts Alliance seeks to advance the nonprofit arts industry in Greater Houston, thus contributing to enhance the region’s quality of life, economic competitiveness and attractiveness as a tourist destination. Our mission is to nurture, fund and promote participation in the arts in Houston.

    Why ArtsHound?

    It's simple. wants YOU to know more about the Arts in Houston. We want you to get out and see a show, visit an exhibit, take your family or friends to a festival... basically, just get out there and discover all the amazing things happening throughout our community!

    And if you're a visitor, we hope you'll find plenty of reasons to stay an extra day or two and see why the Greater Houston region is such a great place to live. 

    By providing you with comprehensive information about what to do and where to go for unique cultural experiences, we hope to inspire greater participation in this broad range of events and activities.

    Make art an important part of every day. Explore a gallery, enjoy a performance or create art of your own. And visit for more information about the hundreds of opportunities and cultural experiences made possible by the work of Houston Arts Alliance.

    Contact us and find out more.


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